Ants and Atoms


I don't [yet] watch Arrow, but Variety has a first-look at the costume of the Atom in the television show:

I like it; it's awful. He looks ready for rollerball. Not the James Caan Rollerball either, the shitty 2002 one.

Or maybe he's teaming up with Dean Cain for some Futuresport. Either way, I like it because it makes Ant-Man's costume look fantastic by comparison:

Admittedly, I was always a more of a Marvel fanboy and I was never fond of DC outside of Batman or the Vertigo line of comic books. Often times the DC and Marvel lines have heroes of very similar types. The Green Arrow and Hawkeye are both hotshot archers with trick arrows and the Atom and Ant-Man both shrink themselves. I kind of think the makers of Arrow are trying to steal Marvel's thunder with that costume though, otherwise why not include more blue, which is a much bigger part of the Atom's duds than Ant-Man's?


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