Concrete Gargoyle


Technically, it's a concrete-patch gargoyle. Among other things.

When I was living in Europe, my mother shipped a motion-activated gargoyle to me. I put it on top of a buffet in my living room and let it watch my apartment for me. Well, first I shut the damn thing off. When I moved back to the 'States, I stuffed it in my luggage.

He used to look more like this:

Now I decided I wanted it to be more permanent. And I also needed something to weigh down a shelf lamp in my bedroom, because I was afraid I would knock it over in my sleep.

So I filled it with plaster of Paris to make it solid and then started coating it in concrete patch. The color is a mix of spray paint and concrete tint. Finally, I applied acrylic sealer to it. I used matte sealer, but it still seems too shiny to me. Oh well. Maybe I will scuff him up later.

I'm kind of tired of the project. At one point I restarted and smashed him with a hammer to free the original plaster and concrete. There was a lot of trial and even more error. Hopefully I learned something. Eventually I'd like to make a concrete, Brutalist chess set.

I've since decided I want it higher up, not on the floor as ballast. I'll probably put it somewhere in my living room.

I named it Monty. Monty is now a heavy bastard, too. He weighs in right at a stone.

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