Fall Foliage


I took the niece out for a little photography jaunt the Saturday after Halloween. On a whim, I decided to stop in at Palisade High School and see if we could get into the Outdoor Classroom and see how the bathouse I installed in high school were doing.

We could not, because the observatory burned down last year. So we took a few pictures around the athletic fields. Click to embiggen.

The visitor side of the score-board hasn't been getting much use this year.




This may actually be the first time I ever set foot on the baseball field. This is also the point that the niece began complaining. 30 minutes.



This is actually near the Clifton overpass:



The niece was not at all enthused about my choice of subject here.




And then I cut it short because the niece was complaining about my lack of beverages. And because I had criss-crossed the east Grand Valley three times.


Anti-Social Media


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