Halloween at Chez Chance


I took November 1st off so I go over to Grand Junction on Halloween and hand out candy for my brother. He goes all out for Halloween. I suspect he is a crypto-Satanist.

j/k (that means just kidding).

Here is one of his old costumes, stuffed with cotton:

A little girl looked up at me and asked, "Why did you have to make it so scary?" I didn't really have an answer for her, this whole decorating thing is too labor intensive for my tastes. I'm the guy who plans to put Christmas lights on trellises and just hang them on the eaves.

Seriously, I didn't need the doorbell to know kids were at the door. I could hear the screams.

This guy is motion-activated and scurries out at people.

I'm not really okay with the clown. I think Chance may have stepped over the line there. Plus, when I visit, that's my window he's standing by.

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