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Wired's Dot Physics blog has a post urging educators to ditch older introductory physics textbooks for Matter and Interactions by Ruth Chabay and Bruce Sherwood.

It sounds interesting, but for the low, low (not-low) price of $189.25 on Amazon, I'm not taking a first-hand look any time soon. I'm also not convinced that introducing special relativity from the get-go is useful, but I'd be interested in how students take to it.

I may not be the best judge either. I never had a general physics textbook in college at all; Professor Radzihovsky's honors physics just used dedicated mechanics and electromagnetism books. And post-Physics PhD probably isn't a great vantage for seeing if the method is good for introductory students either...

However, I do like the idea of numerical calculations to aid understanding. The stick to the basics approach also harkens back to my experience as a freshman and was something I liked about my courses.

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