Rollin' on the River


My mother brought my niece and nephew over to Moab for a visit and insisted we ride a boat down the Colorado River, despite the fact that she lives two miles from the same river. So I made a reservation with Canyonlands by Night for a jet boat ride...

Actually, it was quite enjoyable. Though my nephew got a bit riversick and did not appreciate my "cure": holding him upside down and wiggling him. And that was before I tried to feed him pemmican.

Above: Poison Spider Arch.

Above: the road on the shore is Kane Creek Boulevard. Boulevard is a surprising popular name for streets in Moab. I live on a street that in no way lives up to being a boulevard. Kane Creek Boulevard is interesting though because there are several homes built into the cliffs and in converted mines. Dulcet banjo tones play in the background...

Above: this cliff is nicknamed Wall Street because it is popular with climbers (according to the river pilot).

Above: The Jug Handle, where we turned around. This is about 15 miles south of Moab as the river flows.

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