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Believe it or not, some people have actually had things I've drawn permanently put into their flesh (don't judge). here are some examples. I should probably find actual pics...

My friend Matt asked me to design a dragon for him.

Here's the result, after the tattoo artist had his way. Everybody told him it looked like a seahorse.

My little brother Derrick asked me to design him some sort of dark angel. I don't have a pic of this.

Then he asked me to draw a demon. I didn't really want to draw it, so I photomanipped it from Legend and a statue of Julius Caesar. I think it looks metal. He hasn't gotten it done yet.

Then Chance wanted a dragon. He never got it, but passed it on to his buddy, Ralph. The artist complained about the dragon heads. Said they looked like penises. Same artist took issue with the head on Matt's dragon.

I guess to be fair, I should put my own tattoo. Jason Haley and I ditched school in April 2000 to get tattoos and this is the design I had lying around. It was kind of impromptu. I probably should have cleaned it up. It's the kanji for liberty, jiyuu in Japanese (literally it means self-reason) and it goes down my right calf.

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