Previously, I posted about this dose of brilliance. I felt I needed to try it myself, perhaps even top it. Pictures follow...

So first off, you probably want the big, five-in-a-can cinnamon rolls from Pillsbury. I did not buy those. I got the little, eight-in-a-can ones. That was a minor mistake. Second, I can't recall the exact type of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls I bought, but I opened it up and found this:

Yeah, those aren't really rolls. They are scored to look like rolls or something. I smooshed them up, rolled them out, and pounded them flat. Oh, and thick cut bacon is not a great idea either. I really failed at the store that night.

The second can was much better. These are the flaky-type cinnabun cinnamon rolls from Pillsbury, so get those if you are going to get tiny cinnamon rolls instead of the five-can.

All rolled up with their bacon payload and ready to bake:

The first batch getting icing. On top of making bacon cinnamon rolls, I decided to turn the awesome to 11. Earlier in the week I noticed pumpkin cream cheese in the supermarket. My mother tends to only use cream cheese icing on cakes, so I think of that as icing flavor. So I thought, why not ice a cinnamon roll in cream cheese? Putting it on a hamburger worked out so well.

I actually mixed the cream cheese and icing to make sure it was still a little sweet. It tasted pretty good, but wasn't that strong a pumpkin taste unfortantely. However, the two batches came out pretty well despite my failings:

*Note that nailed it does not include the fact that I don't think the bacon cooked all that well.

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