That Christmas Spirit


It's that most wonderful time of the year again. So why not play awful pranks on children?

Last year my nephew was getting pretty annoying, constantly telling me I was on the naughty list. Usually he just informs me that I am "rude" whenever we butt heads, but he decided to go seasonal. It backfired on him, because it gave me an idea.

(The face of despair)

So I made this list of names and played a dirty trick on him:

On top of that, I substituted Oreos for Rice Krispies in rice krispy treats to make coal and put that under the tree. But that's beside the point.

Other people liked the trick and instead of making a bazillion images, I decided to just make a website. Last year it was pretty basic, but now it is new and improved!:

Go here for the actual website, and go over here for the background/cover story and instructions. It's a dirt simple trick, just put in "naughty" or "nice" for the password and that will be the kid's status in Santa's database.

And yes, the kid stopped insisting I was on Santa's naughty list after this. Though, yeah, I probably am on the list.

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