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Below is a collection of figures from my thesis. These are figures I made to describe the detector or measurement techniques. They were using GIMP. ATLAS/LHC students should feel free to use any of these in their own thesis (please, stroke my ego). If they track down my SVN repository in $SVNUSR they will find eps format also. Better explanations of the figures can be found in my thesis, available here.

Please cite my thesis instead of this website, it is the primary source:

  author = "J.J.~Goodson",
  title  = "Search for Supersymmetry in States with Large Missing
            Transverse Momentum and Three Leptons including a Z-Boson",
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The CERN accelerator complex. This was done up from scratch, but based on multiple diagrams and google maps.

The ATLAS detector with T-Rex for scale. This started as one of the ATLAS CGIs of ATLAS itself, but I turned it into a line drawing and added the dinosaur.

The layout of the inner detector tracking systems. This is based on TDR diagrams, but I modified it quite a bit and ended up making it look like something out of Star Trek.

The Liquid Argon calorimeter. Also originally CGI before I made it line art. At one point I wanted everything to look good in black and white.

A cross section of the muon spectrometer. Peter Parker provides scale.

Another muon system cross section, meant to be broadly similar to the tracker cross section.

This one I barely messed with, showing an MDT and its laser alignment..

Mildly retouched cross section of a muon drift path in an MDT tube.

The CSC diagrams as a whole were low quality and unsatisfactory. I worked this one showing a cutaway of a module over quite a bit.

This one on CSC read-out was done up quite a bit too.

Originally, the CSC wheels had two layers and a lot of the diagrams still showed that. I eliminated the second layer and added the Droids. For scale.

I wasn't happy with a lot of the far detector diagrams either. I tried to make it clearer with this one in order to show how ALFA works.

A diagram of the Beam Condition Monitor

The LUCID detector. Again, I worked to make the structure and operation clearer.

The MBTS system didn't actually work after the first few nb-1 of data (they greyed out), but I guess I have a soft spot for them since they were one of the things I distinctly recall seeing when I toured the detector with Moustapha Thioye in 2006.

Again, this is the Zero Degree Calorimeter and I tried to make the diagram clearer.

The ATLAS Magnet systems. I mostly just played with the colors on this one.

The data flow of the TDAQ system. There was a lot of whimsy leading to this one.

A depiction of how clustering works in the ATLAS calorimeters.

How Missing Transverse Energy (MET) is constructed in ATLAS.

This was only in my defense, to aid me in explaining General-Gauge Mediation (and gauge mediation in general) inside of one slide.

A diagram to help explain Missing Transverse Energy.

The definition of the sagitta, S.

A depiction of how the ATLAS sagitta is constructed.

The flow of data in the LAr calorimeter. Originally made for my CHEP09 poster and inspired by a diagram in one of Kathy Copic's talks.

A block diagram of SUSY D3PD (n-tuple) making.

A block diagram of MET D3PD (n-tuple) making. This is where I snuck in the colors of the Denver Broncos.

A block diagram of METUtility.

The SBATLAS logo I made up. For posterity.

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