Watching the Watchmen


This article at Reason highlights a judge who is implementing the fantastic idea of putting cameras on cops.

But! It needs to be open source so that we don't get shit like the Grand Junction PD tearing their cameras out of the cars because they got them for free and now can't afford to replace them (one would think police would be more wary of the whole "first taste free, second taste full price" tactic). We need competition. We need to have different models and vendors for departments with all budgets. All should have open-source standards to share video between different suppliers and different generations.

Ideally, I'd like to see it just phased into the existing cellular system. Run it as an app on a cell phone and pin the mobile phone to their uniforms with a nice little tin badge covering it. They can use it as a radio too. Like Star Trek.

And like the article mentions: no vid, no collar.

Anti-Social Media


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