A while ago I came across this "faux taxidermy" wolf head and thought a couple of them would be cool to put above the lamps in my bedroom.

They are kind of pricy though. Smaller ones are about 30 bucks. But they're smaller.

After some poking around on Amazon I came across this bad boy:

After staring at that for a few days I convinced myself it was the same wolf with a cheesy paint job. But it was half the cost! So I ordered a couple.

Originally, I was just going to leave them the original white and let the shadows from the lamp light define them. So I hit them with white primer to prep the resin. After hanging them with the white primer I decided I wanted to risk giving them a stone look and applied Krylon stone texture to them. I like the result of that, though I think I went a little too far with the a protective resin coat. It gives them an unfortunate plastic sheen.

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