First Ant-Man Trailer


Eh. My first thought is to hope this leads into some sort Ultimates-style Hulk versus Giant Man action in some future Marvel film. But unfortunately the Marvel Cinematic Universe Bruce Banner/Hulk is too well-adjusted and Hank Pym is a 70-year-old mentor instead of the egotistic wife-beating prick he is in the comics. So less drama to mine there.

I guess the MCU could mine the periods that Hawkeye used Pym particles to enlarge himself and used the name Goliath. I would find the introduction of Bill Foster as Giant Man or Goliath more interesting though, maybe with Harry Lennix (Titus, Doll House) in the role.

Curious too see how Evangeline Lily's character Hope Van Dyne turns out and if she'll be an analog to the Wasp.

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