Get My Sous-Vide On


I'm so excited, I just ordered one of these:

No, it's not some sort of deluxe sex toy; it's an Anova Precision Cooker. I put that in a cooking vessel and it will precisely control the water temperature for sous-vide cooking at home.

With that control, I can set the temperature to 160° Fahrenheit and cook perfect hard-boiled eggs at the exact temperature the proteins do their magic. Put a steak in a ziplock bag and submerge it in in 120° F water for an hour and voila: perfect, rare steak. Though for the outer surface I might want one of these badboys. For now, I will probably just use the oven broiler as a make-do salamander.

Of course, I wish I had pulled the trigger and ordered it yesterday when they were promising to ship the first week of January instead of today, when the wait is three to four weeks.

Updates when I am filled with perfect steak.

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